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Our Mission
At the end of the day, we don’t only have a smart blending system: We have a mission. Our mission is to remind you that health and wellness are simple; that nutrition is inextricably linked to immunity; that pure produce and clean water are the best medicine you’ll ever find.
Best-In-Class Technology
Having created the personal nutrition blender category, our founder knows a thing or two about blending - including how it could be done better.
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Men's Journal
"Now that it lives on my counter, I find myself using it every other day which in turn is helping me reach some of my health goals."
"The Beast was one of the most powerful blenders in our 2022 tests. It also sounds quieter than any other blender we tested."
"The magnetic lock when you connect it to the engine... is incredibly pleasant in your hands. Halle Berry is also a big fan."
"A blender that looks good on your kitchen counter (meaning it can stay on your counter) will remind you to drink your vitamins."
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