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2 Year Warranty | Free Shipping | Shop Blenders

Intellectual Property


The B10 Health Blender is protected by the following patents:

  • US Patent Nos. D908,433 and D905,495
  • Great Britain Design Registration Nos. 9008111439-0001/0010
  • Australian Patent Nos. 202016254
  • European Design Registration Nos. 008111439-0001/0010
  • Additional patents pending U.S. and abroad



Beast Health, LLC is the owner of the trademarks BEAST®, BEAST HEALTHTM, BEAST MODETM, HYDRATION BLENDTM, and STRONG INSIDETM in the U.S. and various foreign countries, as used in connection with its blender and health products business.

These marks should not be used without prior permission of Beast Health, LLC.